‘One-of-a-kind Internet original’: Yahoo listed as an ‘antique’ for sale on Craigslist

‘One-of-a-kind Internet original’: Yahoo listed as an ‘antique’ for sale on Craigslist
Yahoo, the failing tech giant has been listed for sale...on Craigslist, just as the internet company edges one step closer to being sold for real.

The Craigslist ad is seeking a modest $8 billion or ‘best offer’ and is proposing a somewhat different package to potential buyers, including a “bottomless archive of Kim Kardashian photos” The fake listing was posted in the "antiques by owner" section on the San Francisco Craigslist page and is described as “a beautiful piece in good to fair condition” but “the original owners can no longer maintain it”.

The condition of Yahoo is described as “salvage” while the size is marked as “ginormous”.

Global news anchor for the site Katie Couric also comes with the deal alongside the Yahoo weather app and “several warehouses filled with Kind bars”.

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The tongue in cheek ad comes as Yahoo is expected to whittle down first round bids from its auction sale from ten to three this week. Verizon, which acquired AOL last year is among those in the running.

The hilarious Craigslist ad, however, is simply another addition to the bizarre “for sale” ads that emerge in the whacky world of the online market.

In 2013 an antique dealer found what he believed to be a copy of the original Coca Cola recipe and put it up for sale on Ebay with an asking price of $15 million.

“The meaning of life” was put up for sale online in 2000 and was clearly not considered to be worth much, selling for a mere $3.26.

A woman from Albuquerque, New Mexico tried to sell her “slightly used soul” on ebay in 2012 but her ad was canceled as the company specifically forbids the selling of souls.

Even NASA’s 1985 Space Shuttle Atlantis made it on to Craigslist in 2010, "valued at $1.7 billion, willing to take offers."