Clueless cops amazingly refuse to act as truck drags sofa along highway (VIDEO)

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An already strange situation went from bad to worse when police failed to notify a motorist that they were dragging half a sofa along a North Carolina highway.

The bizarre scene was captured last week on a Durham highway, and featured all the things the internet appreciates in a viral video: a confusing beginning, an unexpected ending and good rolling commentary.

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The driver behind the camera shrewdly guesses, “I don’t think he knows that his sofa is being dragged across the highway”, before spotting a police vehicle pulling up alongside.

“This oughta be really good,” chuckles the man, clearly expecting the officers to inform the driver in front that their sofa is being slowly, but surely, destroyed.

No, no, no, no, no - you are kidding me!” yells the commentator when the police car moves behind the sofa vehicle - only to then exit the highway.