Toddler beats swift retreat after ‘cuddly’ tigers turn nasty (VIDEO)

Toddler beats swift retreat after ‘cuddly’ tigers turn nasty (VIDEO)
A young girl got a fright during a visit to the Dublin Zoo, where two tigers decided to start an argument right in front of her.

Lily Fagan is seen approaching the glass to get a good view of the apparently chilled out felines – but then thinks better of it and runs away when a fight breaks out between them.

Unfazed by their audience, the tigers growl and lash out at each other before eventually parting ways.

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The child is heard asking her mother Linzi if they should “get out,” before being reassured that she is safe behind the glass.

Thankfully, Lily wasn’t shaken up by the incident and even enjoyed watching the video afterwards, according to Irish website JOE.

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