Old man takes on extreme winds… & loses (VIDEO)

Old man takes on extreme winds… & loses (VIDEO)
He wasn’t the first victim of the ferocious wind, and he certainly wasn’t the last as a dashcam in Russia recorder captured just how ruthless mother nature can be.

The odds were already stacked against the man who attempted to carry his shopping bags across the slippy, icy and snow-filled street.

But when he left the shelter of an apartment block and walked straight into the path of a gust of wind, there was nothing he could do but hope the snow would break his fall.

Thankfully, the man recovered and tip-toed with caution to safety.

However, it wasn’t long before the wind claimed it’s next victim…

A passer-by was caught in the same wind tunnel as the previous pedestrian, her fate was much the same, albeit her landing slightly more brutal.

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