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Here we go again: Swan dies after selfie with tourist

Here we go again: Swan dies after selfie with tourist
The growing epidemic of thoughtless and self-absorbed human tourists killing innocent wild animals has now claimed a beautiful white swan as its latest victim.

This woman in Macedonia dragged the elegant bird from its lake so she could pose with it, before dumping the animal on the beach and leaving it to die.

Photos of the incident were posted on Facebook and showed the woman pulling the swan out of the water in Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid.

The defenseless creature attempted to resist and escape back to the safety of the water as it was grabbed by the wings and swung around by the smiling woman.

Speechless. Something is going really, really wrong in modern society. What a poor, majestic beast.

Posted by Ian Collins on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Witnesses told local media the swan didn’t initially react as the woman approached because the birds are used to the presence of tourists.

Swans are protected in some countries, such as the UK, where local residents have to resort to creative, non-lethal methods to fend off aggressive birds.

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The world was recently shocked by a video of beachgoers in Argentina passing a baby dolphin around for photos, killing the mammal in the process.

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