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19 Feb, 2016 03:02

Twitter condemns ‘selfish & brain dead’ selfie posers after death of baby dolphin (VIDEO)

Twitter condemns ‘selfish & brain dead’ selfie posers after death of baby dolphin (VIDEO)

A video showing a young dolphin in Argentina being passed around by a group of selfie-snapping beachgoers who left it for dead has led to uproar on Twitter – with even celebrities blasting their behaviour.

The dolphin was removed from the sea in Santa Teresita, Argentina to become the latest selfie prop for a huge crowd who later abandoned it in the sand, causing it to die of suspected dehydration.

Even at this point people gathered around to take pictures of the La Plata or Franciscana dolphin, which usually has a lifespan of up to 20 years.

The episode has caused the Wildlife Foundation in Argentina to release a public reminder about the vulnerable species, which only resides off the coasts of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

"The Franciscana, like other species, cannot remain for much time outside of the water, it has thick fatty skin which gives it heat and means that taking it out of the water rapidly causes it to dehydrate and die." it warned.

The incident has led to an outpouring of disgust and rage on social media, with even celebrities weighing in to denounce the behaviour of those involved.

British comedian and Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais was among those to take to Twitter to voice his anger.

People from across the globe joined them expressing their shock and revulsion.

This is sadly not the first time a dolphin has died after being used as a photo prop by tourists. An injured dolphin died in China in 2013 after being manhandled by tourists for a photo.

Meanwhile in New York in 2014, a baby shark died at the hands of tourists seeking the perfect selfie with the stranded animal.