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You're in good hands: Hairdresser insures body parts for $750K

You're in good hands: Hairdresser insures body parts for $750K
Believe it or not, Insuring valuable body parts is actually a thing – and not just for celebrities.

Taylor Swift insured her legs. Springsteen insured his vocal cords. Dolly Parton insured her, well, you get the picture. But now we’ve learned about a hairdresser in Switzerland who took out a policy for $750,000 on his hands.

Roberto Cianciarulo arranged the policy via a customer who worked for a local insurance company. Speaking to 20min, the 28-year-old said a payout would depend on the level of damage an accident would do to his hands.

“As a hairdresser, not all fingers are equally important. Without the little finger, I might for example, still be able to work,” he said.


Posted by Tocco D'angelo on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Then again, little fingers can be valuable commodities during interrogations.

We’ve got to, ahem, ‘hand’ it to Roberto though. He is pretty dedicated to being a hairdresser – and only a hairdresser. The Italian set up his own salon Tocco d'Angelo in Niederuzwil five years ago. 

Danny Levi, who set up the policy, said he admired Roberto for loving his job and was happy to add him to the list of insured body part professions alongside surgeons, dentists, and, presumably, swordswallowers.

Let’s just hope Roberto is master of his domain – and doesn’t end up like Ray McKigney.

In honor of Roberto, we’ve compiled a list of body parts insured by celebrities. Click on the image below to find out what they got insured - and for how much.