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Westboro Baptist Church praises Sikh temple shooting

Westboro Baptist Church praises Sikh temple shooting
Almost immediately after the shooting at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church took to Twitter, calling the shooting a beautiful punishment from an angry God.

Westboro Church leader Margie Phelps sent out a tweet that read, “God sent another shooter?”The shooting claimed the lives of seven victims, and left many injured. The alleged attacker  Wade Michael Page was found dead at the scene and the FBI  is investigating if this is a case of domestic terrorism.Fred Phelps, the leader of Westboro, wrote on Twitter that the shooting was a “beautiful work of an angry God who told Wisconsin to keep their filthy hands off his people (WBC!) #godsenttheshooter.”

The “church” leaders continued to voice their offensive opinions on Twitter after the shooting, telling their followers that worse punishments from God will come, since the US is “God-cursed.”In response to a tweet that expressed a user was praying for the victims of the shooting, Margie replied, “God doesn’t hear prayers of the wicked.”The distasteful comments come after members of the Phelps family threatened to picket the memorial vigil for the victims of the Batman shooting victims in Colorado.Previously, members of Westboro have picketed funerals of American soldiers, until Congress passed a restriction on military funeral protests last week.Westboro Baptist Church, whose website is www.godhatesfags.com, is infamous for its extreme ideologies. The community consists of about 40 members in its headquartered in Kansas. For years, the “church” has been protesting homosexuality. It is not affiliated with any Baptist denominations.