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20 Mar, 2010 15:06

Washington DC dances against the war, demands troops withdrawal from Iraq

The US will bear witness to a whole weekend of protests in Washington DC, where activists are rallying against the war in Iraq and for change in the US immigration system.

Saturday marks seven years since the start of the US-led invasion of Iraq and Washington is expecting a large anti-war protest. The demonstrations will involve various organizations which demand the withdrawal of troops from the Middle Eastern country immediately.

On the lawn in front of the Washington monument, a symbolic cemetery has been set up. Volunteers are placing more than 5,000 placards with the names of civilians killed in Iraq as a result of the war.

Organizers say there are more than 100,000 civilians whose deaths have been documented. They have also put up makeshift tombstones – one for every member of the US military killed in Iraq, and those who committed suicide after returning from war.

Another anti war group “Funk the War” has already had its mobile dance party on Saturday. With slogans “Drops beats not bombs”, “Drop tuition not bombs” and “Funk the war, fund our future” DC students took to the streets of the capitol dancing and demanding change.

“We are coming to show that we are in a bad romance with the Obama administration and the government because he is cheating on us with these corporate criminals, these war profiteers and these corporations,” said one Funk the War protestor Brian Menifee.

Finally, the busy weekend protest program for the US includes a major immigration rally. Activists are calling it a “March for America”. They say it is time to fix what they deem a broken immigration system.