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2 Jun, 2010 03:45

America’s becoming a Babylon tower – Pat Buchanan

America is breaking down into ethnic, religious, political and even racial enclaves and risks the same thing that happened to the Soviet Union in 1991, according to political commentator and author Pat Buchanan.

“Native born Americans of European descent are the ones who are really angriest at the enormous numbers of illegal aliens marching into the country, many if not most of them from the third world, changing the character and composition of their country and eventually voting them out of power,” states Buchanan.

With about 100-135 million Hispanic citizens in the US and heavily concentrated in the American southwest by 2050, “politically it will probably remain the US, ethnically, culturally and linguistically it could very well be a part of Mexico as of the US.”

“Native born white and African Americans are leaving California,” Buchanan points out, adding “we are going to cease to be a nation and become more of an internal empire like the old Roman Empire.”

Further, the fastest growing TV and radio stations in the US are Hispanic, which enables the newcomers not to assimilate into American society and learn the English language.

“They do not immerse themselves into American culture, they bring their own culture and maintain it. How can you say we are fellow citizens if we can’t even talk to each other?” asks Buchanan.

Buchanan accused President Obama of refusing to enforce immigration laws in the US and that made authorities in Arizona take the initiative on their own.

Back in 2004 Pat Buchanan predicted that America would greatly change and eventually become a “giant Brazil of the north”.

Today he says that America is “developing a society of a war of all against all”.