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Buy a gun! It’s the law

The right to bear arms is an ongoing political debate in the United States. It surfaces in Presidential campaigns, midterm elections, news talk shows, rallies and at the occasional neighborhood café.
However, one Georgia town has taken the debate in a new direction, instead of debating one’s right to own and bear a gun, they have made it mandatory. In the town of Kennesaw the law requires heads of households own a gun. The new law shocked many across the country and even divided members of the local community, reigniting the overall gun debate. Jim Hanson, the director of the Warrior Legacy Foundation in Washington explained the US Supreme Court has affirmed the individual’s right to bear arms on a number of occasions.“We took the time to write it in the Constitution,” he said. “When something becomes the second amendment to a document we take that seriously then I think it’s a never ending issue.” Given recent events, including the shooting of a Congresswoman and others at an event in Tucson, Arizona, gun restrictions are actually likely to loosen, argued Hanson. The lawful right to carry guns by citizens will likely expand. “I don’t see anything inherently rightwing about carrying a gun. Carrying a gun in a dangerous place is a smart thing to do,” he said. “If you have some inherent objection to protecting yourself, than feel free to get mugged, shot, and bleed out on the sidewalk. Personally, if there’s a situation like that I’d like to have the option to shoot the bad guy. Call me crazy, I have been called crazy just about for that view point. I think it’s common sense.”