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22 Apr, 2009 06:26

Guns sales on the rise in US despite crisis

With their country almost on its knees, increasing numbers of Americans are sticking to their guns. The fear of crime is on the rise, and arms are selling like hot cakes.

But many are blaming the rush on rumors that President Obama is about to clamp down on assault weapons.

In Culpeper Virginia, Grayghost tactical has seen a 50 percent increase in sales.

And the customers aren’t who you’d expect.

“A lot of first time buyers, scared about the economy, what’s going to happen with the increase in crime. You get the wives learning how to use a handgun or revolver, we’re getting little old ladies buying AR-15’s, all kinds of stuff like that,” said shop owner Brett Ross.

AR-15’s are the civilian version of a military assault rifle. A recent slew of shootings has people running to their nearest gun stores all across the country. And they’re buying everything they can get their hands on.

This includes custom-made weapons. The Nighthawk Enforcer pistol costs $3,000 – and they’re selling out.

But none of the customers want to talk about it.

U.S. President, Barack Obama has been outspoken about wanting to place a ban on high powered assault weapons, and right after his election, gun sales shot through the roof. They haven’t stopped since.

“It seems like each week there’s another rumor out there about what’s going to happen, and that just feeds the fury of it,” Brett Ross said.

The right to bear arms is something many Americans hold dear. And they’re not happy about a new administration making it a target.