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How would the US handle an Egypt style revolt?

In response to protests, riots and escalating violence, the Obama administration called for a peaceful transition in Egypt. However, how would he react to such actions in America?
Some argue America is to facing a similar crisis that could result in riots and revolt in the streets. Would Obama act differently than Mubarak? Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 Libertarian Vice-Presidential Nominee, argued Obama would likely be just as intolerant to change as Mubarak.“Obama criticized Mubarak for taking away the Internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but Obama has asked for authorization to do that in America if he declares an emergency here, right now, before we even have any riots of unrest,” he said.In addition, he argued Obama advocates a “Fairness Act” to shut down and silence conservative media in the United States.“When you piece together Obama’s belief in gun control, he’d like to take the guns away. If he can’t take the guns away he wants to raise the price or tax bullets. I think you’ve got a very serious situation here,” he commented. “People should not be too surprised if one day you find rioting and unrest in the urban areas of the United States and Obama tries to take away your guns, your bullets, your conservative media, any media that isn’t controlled by people that are friends of him, and last but not least, social media and the Internet” In the aftermath of Egypt, many have called for research on ways to implement an Internet kill switch in order to shut down the Internet in the case of an emergency.“I think it’s a disaster,” said Root. “The government actually went in a shut down ten websites that they said were illegally transmitting footage of football without permission of the National Football League. I think government tries to get as far as they can every day.”“Did any of those sites get due process in the law?” he asked.He explained the government took their websites away without having to even prove they did anything wrong. “I feel that our civil rights are getting violated everyday and government is practicing to see what they can get away with before the people of America complain too much,” Root remarked. “What are you willing to give up in the name of security? If it’s privacy I fear you have given up everything. Root argued the future is dim. He argued the US is in the beginning of a second great depression and economic collapse. The deficit is skyrocketing, unemployment is extremely high, and conditions continue to worsen, American small businesses are on the brink of destruction and US cities, states and counties are going bankrupt. “It’s a tragedy,” he said. “The picture is very dark.”