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31 Mar, 2010 06:53

NWO is living in a worldwide corporation – US rapper

American rapper “Diabolic” is taking it upon himself to shake the nation awake because he thinks his fellow countrymen do not realize they are being taken for a ride by the US government.

“I really want to expose the government for what it is. How they handle the deals and the behind the scene stuff. It’s a boys club; it’s a fraternity of men with money and power that basically make the decisions that determine our futures.”

“They work to their best interests,” Diabolic says, “they don’t know me, my relatives, friends or anyone I know and they do not care. What they do is to benefit themselves, their futures, the money going to their bank accounts.”

“I do not trust Obama. He is a politician. How is he any different from any other politician?” Diabolic questions, adding, “No, he is not going to change the system; he is going to be there for eight years to keep the system going and pass it to someone after.”

“The New World Order is going to be living in a worldwide corporation. If there are no countries and just one government for all, then the enemy of such a government is going to be people,” concludes the rapper.