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11 Nov, 2009 09:09

Revolutionary rapper talks 9/11 conspiracy

American rapper and political activist “Immortal Technique” doesn’t sign multi-million contracts with famous record-labels. Instead, he goes to North Africa, Columbia and Afghanistan trying to help people.

“I was born a revolutionary and will be that till the day that I die,” he says.

The rapper thinks 9/11 was “a crime with a motive” and that the government’s version about 9/11 is “definitely not true”, saying:

“They could not even tell the truth about the air to breathe after that occurred. They said that it was safe, but when the people developed those respiratory illnesses, and a lot of the first responders got very sick, some of them died, they went into full deniability mode. Somebody who cannot even tell me the truth about the air I breathe, it really makes me question what else they said. When I talk about it having a motive, I think that it was used as a catalyst to justify several other actions, or a countless number of actions actually.”

“We are not really speaking their language,” says Immortal Technique, regarding the government. “Their language is money. And what they do over and over is that they take action that occurs outside of this country. While the public is completely focused on that, [the government] begins to reorganize what's happening here, in America, with the Patriot Act, what with going after people who have some sort of criticism, with discrediting individuals, who would even question the smallest concern, that they have in terms of what the government is doing behind closed doors.”