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15 Apr, 2010 23:37

Tea Party boils over

On the day taxes are due in the United States, members of the "Tea Party" movement took to Capitol Hill to make their voices heard.

It was Tax Day,  a day most Americans dread, but the Tea Party members gathering on the National Mall in Washington, DC seemed like they were ready for a party. They came to the US capitol to protest Barack Obama, taxes and whatever else they could think of to stick on their posters. 

 “I’m protesting the whole animal, the whole package. I don’t need a government solution for every little thing they think ails us. People are angry and I don’t think this congress has any idea what’s coming in November," said one protestor. 

Politicians friendly to the Tea Party movement were also out in force. 

“We’re just trying to raise awareness and these folks…are expressing their desire to see real change in the country," said Senator Saxby Chambliss, (Republican-Georgia)

"We're going to work positively to defeat their agenda this November," said Representative Michele Bachmann (Republican-Minnesota). 

In honor of Tax Day, Tea Party groups from across the country organized rallies in Washington to protest what they believe is a corrupt government and also to reveal their Contract From America, however, few protesters had ever heard of the contract. But actress and comedian Victoria Jackson had heard of communism.

“Communism in the Webster’s Dictionary says a governmental system where the government owns and controls everything. Socialism is when the government controls a lot. Capitalism is when the government does not control, the people control," said Jackson.