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5 Jul, 2009 05:13

US Independence Day marred by Tea Party protests

America's Independence Day celebrations are over in the United States, with millions of people having taken part in the festivities. But there are some who think it's a time to protest rather than celebrate.

It’s Independence Day in the US but there are people who aren’t exactly celebrating America’s birthday.

Instead they are speaking out against those very policies that now shape this nation, at a ‘Tea Party’ protest in Washington.

A group called ‘Taxed Enough Already’ gathered thousands of members all across America to criticize the current level of government spending.

They say “no” to big government, “no” to massive spending, and “no” to increasing taxes – the things that they say are slowly but surely killing their United States.

“I’m here because basically I think that my country has gone completely crazy,” one of the protesters said.

“I think that we should find a government that will allow us to revert back to the way we were formed,” adds another one.

Lisa Miller is the organizer of the protest and she says she’s sick and tired of the government, which she feels is trying to run her life.

“All the opportunities that would have allowed me to be independent disappear through high taxation, punitive regulation and government intrusion into my business. I think everybody is tired of the false choices that this two-party system provides,” Lisa Miller says.

And as frustrations mount, Tea Party protests all across the nation are sparking interest and gaining momentum.

And these Americans are not too fond of the man in the White House.

“I don’t think the guy has got a clue. I think he’s an empty suit. I think he’s unqualified to be president of the United States,” says one of the protesters.

“Our government is corrupt. It’s no longer ‘We, the People’, it’s ‘We, the Government’,” another protester says.

And those loud cries are now setting off completely different kinds of fireworks.