“Signing new START treaty is based on the principle of parity” - Medvedev

Russian-US talks on replacing the expired Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty are progressing well, according to President Dmitry Medvedev.

But he said a new START deal is only possible if signed by both sides at the same time.

“Simultaneous ratification of the relevant documents must be our guiding principle. The way it was done in Soviet times is unacceptable – when the Soviet Union ratified the documents and the US didn’t. Signing it together is based on the principle of parity. It’s been made official for both countries. We must prepare a document that has been well thought out, that reflects our understanding about strategic armaments, and ratify it together. Or this process is impossible. I think that our American partners must be aware of this,” Medvedev said.

President Medvedev told leaders of Russian political parties that negotiations continue, though many points have already been agreed.

US officials in Russia are preparing for key talks in Geneva due later this month. Both sides have agreed to abide by the old treaty – which expired on the December 5 last year.

Its replacement is part of the "reset" of US-Russian relations pledged last year.