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27 Aug, 2012 21:29

Ron Paul holds massive rally in Florida despite tropical storm

Even though the Republican National Convention was delayed because of the tropical storm, Isaac didn't stop Ron Paul and his supporters from holding a massive rally at the University of South Florida Sundome.

The Republican National Convention kicked off today and immediately went on recess afterwards, due to the threat of Hurricane Isaac.  The storm will most likely miss Tampa, where the RNC is being held, and the weather was not enough to keep thousands of Ron Paul supporters out of town.  Unlike other former Republican Candidates for President like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul was not only not in debt, he had a $2.5 million surplus, much of which he spent on a rally at the University of South Florida Sundome on Sunday.Fans donned Ron Paul Revolution T-shirts and many others wore clothes with the words of the U.S. Constitution written on them and packed the arena.Ron Paul was introduced by his son Rand, who many believe could be the Republican Presidential nominee in 2016.  Ron Paul spoke for nearly an hour, thanking his fans, and encouraging people to carry the torch.“I have been taught and I am convinced that Patriotism is that quality that permits us in a free society to criticize our own govt when they’re wrong,” Rep. Paul said.Kevin Singer, visiting from Louisville, KY echoed the sentiments of so many Ron Paul Supporters, in talking about what he likes so much.“Liberty, freedom, less government, smaller government, more rights to do what we want to do, rights to keep our money that we work hard for and earn."John Finn flew from Ireland to see Dr. Paul speak.  "I was up at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning watching the debates live when i was in Ireland,” Finn said.  “You have to see the man, he’s like a Moses for all time.”On the other side of the city at the Florida State fairgrounds, the three day Paul Festival drew smaller crowds, but was put on by other longtime supporters.  These events are going on as delegates from Maine are still trying to fight the fact that the RNC only sat half of them, who support Ron Paul, putting in place ten others who support Mitt Romney.