“Public was so scared that it gave up all its liberties”

It will take years to clean up the mess created by George W. Bush and his administration, said rapper Sage Francis, who says he draws his inspiration from conversations he hears around him.

“Our economy collapsed. Almost all people care about is how they going to get their next pay check, how are they going continue to live lives they are accustomed to and they are not going to care too much about anything else.”

Francis said he likes the general line of the Obama administration, but he does not fully understand everything that is happening.

He also made his point on music file sharing: “It’s hurting artists and the industry overall,” he said.

“People are just downloading stuff and not purchasing it. I’m not saying that art deserves money but artists need to live. With all music being free and available at all times – it is just overload, it is over-stimulation and all music becomes disposable,” he warned.

As for suing people for hundreds of thousands of dollars for downloading several songs, Sage Francis said that is nonsense.

“There are four-to-five major labels that are trying to figure out what is going on. They are making no sense of it and they have ignored the download revolution for too long and now they are taking drastic measures – it’s all a bunch of fail.”

He also thinks that music downloading prevents promising artists to develop into powerhouses.

“If Bob Dylan came out in 2010 he would not be Bob Dylan. It just would not happen.”