Polls show voter dissatisfaction with U.S. Congress

Recent opinion polls show that support for the U.S. Congress is as low as it has been in decades. Nevertheless, journalist Chris Beam cautions that it’s too early to make any predictions.

With mid-term elections to be held in 2010, polls are showing that Republicans and Democrats are so far neck and neck. Some polls even predict that Democrats may lose up to 26 seats in those elections. But it’s too early to kick up a fuss, Beam suggests.

“You have to remember that historically, every mid-term election after a new president takes over, if his party is in control of the House, he is going to lose some,” said Beam. “And the fact that Obama has had to tackle so much – we’ve got healthcare reform, the stimulus package, climate change is coming around the corner in September – there is so much going on that there is so much to get angry about and to be disappointed in, so that’s one of the reasons why we are seeing numbers going down.”