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Republican: ‘Political correctness won’t save lives’

Republican: ‘Political correctness won’t save lives’
Republican Congressman Paul Broun called for the use of profiling at airports to prevent pat downs of grandmas and kids and ensure every Arab looking individual is searched in his call for a renewed focus on ‘real terrorists.’

Broun believes TSA is failing. He argued that the current tactics of random searches does not target terrorists, and only hinders the travel of law abiding citizens.

We need to focus on those people who are trying to harm us as a nation,” he commented to Fox News while arguing that political correctness has hindered America’s national security.

The Congressman is a fan of profiling. A practice that would allow TSA agents to search or inspect anyone they deemed a possible threat based on how they look or dress – i.e. anyone who looks Arab or dresses in Islamic (or similar) garb would be subject to increased security measures.

Critics call this discrimination, illegal and unconstitutional.

Broun is not concerned however. He feels security trumps political correctness and civil liberties.

Stop patting down grandma and little kids” and focus on terrorists, he argued.