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Americans to TSA: Scan my junk, just don’t touch it

If all publicity is good publicity, then the TSA, airports across the nation and body scanner manufacturers must be flying high.
According to US media, who have created a firestorm over airport security and body scanner issues, Americans do not appreciate being scanned or patted down. A loosely organized internet protest has all eyes on travelers to see whether or not they will cause delays by participating in a protest against the TSA. It has been dubbed “National Opt Out Day” and encourages passengers to “opt out” of going through the body scanners, thus receiving a physical pat down instead, which takes up more time. Speaking to travelers at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, it’s quite clear many Americans have no problem going through the scanner if asked if it means traveling safely and quickly. Others said however, “It’s just so invasive; it appears to be too invasive, so I probably wouldn’t fly. If I could drive, I will.” Many folks poked fun at the whole situation, saying, “I’d much rather be scanned than patted down. I’d rather have somebody lookin’ at my junk than feeling on it, how bout that?” One passenger explained that the real problem has to do with US foreign policies, and that the solutions will not be found in a body scanner or a pat down.“It’s difficult that we live in a society where we are so afraid of what’s going to happen that we have to have these invasive search procedures. I think it shows a real weakness in our foreign policy. We have become, we are a nation so afraid of what can happen to us because we have all the stuff in the world and the rest of the world suffers because we have all the money and resources in the world whereas poor people resort to violence and make us very scared and its always going to be the case as long as we have all the stuff and they have none, we’re gonna be afraid that they’re gonna come and blow us up.” Whenever there is frustration with the government or media hysteria, there is money to be made. Case in point: a Las Vegas businessman says his “strategically placed” fig leaf underwear would hide the most private of parts while passing through the scanner. Most frequent flyers, however, don’t think fig leaf underwear is the solution. And, most are not at all that outraged over the new TSA rules and regulations.