PayPal cuts off Bradley Manning support group

PayPal cuts off Bradley Manning support group
Online payment service PayPal has allegedly frozen the account of Courage to Resist, an organization dedicated to raising funds in support of US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning who is accused of leaking classified cables to WikiLeaks.

The group claimed in a media release that PayPal froze their account after it began to explicitly all for donation in favor of Manning under their "Bradley Manning Defense Fund”

According to Courage to Resist the fund is in cooperation with the Bradley Manning Support Network and has already raised a total of $176,250, including an additional $60,640 for Manning's legal trust account.

The group said there was no legal reason for PayPal to close the account, but that PayPal made an internal policy decision.

PayPal has recently engaged in a broad strategy which includes disassociating with groups and individuals tied to Manning or WikiLeaks, having previously frozen accounts which processed WikiLeaks funds.