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27 Oct, 2011 23:06

Military joins Occupy Wall Street

Marine and Iraq War vet Scott Olsen shot in the head by a police tear gas canister. Sgt. Shamar Thomas confronting NYPD. Marines and other former vets join the Occupy Wall Street movement. RT reports on what this could mean for the revolution.

America’s Autumn – faces covered up, protesters fled from tear gas shot into the crowd by police. At least 97 arrests took place in Oakland, California on Tuesday night. A 24-year-old Marine and Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen shot in the head by a police tear gas canister was unable to even say his name. A March of Solidarity with the Oakland protesters in New York leads to 10 arrests. Protesters slammed into the ground, and netted by police. Earlier, another marine, Sgt. Shamar Thomas, confronted police treatment of protesters – this can be seen in a video now gone viral on the web. “The fact that more and more military personnel are joining us shows that they recognize that this is American movement. It’s not about hippies and the negative stereotypes,” said Occupy Wall Street security volunteer Paul Isaac. 30 year old Gary Briggs has served in the National Guard for the last two years. He has come to spend his short vacation at Occupy Wall Street in New York.“You got some marines here, National Guard, Navy Seals – the more the better,” said Briggs. The guardsman expressed outrage at the fact that marines are getting attacked at home. “The cop that did it should be fired and hung up by his balls,” he said. Others at Occupy Wall Street believe it won’t be long, however, until the police join the crowds instead of restricting them.“We are going to see a lot of the police officers protesting because they’re going to work 20 years and they’re going to see that their pension is zero,” said Occupy Wall Street security colunteer Paul Isaac.But even if this doesn’t happen – the movement won't be scared away any time soon with marines and other military vets pledging to have the protesters' back.“Everybody has banded together, and the rope that’s being created here – no sword will cut,” said protester Will Birnie.