Obama: Nope to dope

President Obama has categorically opposed the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. Nevertheless, some experts disagree with this decision.

There were many calls to decriminalise and then tax marijuana – money which would seriously aid the US economy in these tough times.

Aaron Houston who's a pro-pot advocate in Washington says the president is missing a trick because weed could bring in up to 40 billion dollars in revenue.

“It’s no laughing matter that drug cartels in Mexico get 70% of their profits from marijuana sales. And it’s also not a laughing matter that we would generate between around 14 to 40 billion dollars in revenue and savings per year if we were to tax and regulate marijuana.”

“What’s also no laughing matter is that our current marijuana laws have simply not worked. 86% of high school seniors say that marijuana is very easy to get – that is a serious problem that needs addressing”.