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New Hampshire newspapers endorse Ron Paul

New Hampshire newspapers endorse Ron Paul
Following the fallout of Michele Bachmann from the Republican Party race, New Hampshire residents are readying to cast their votes in the state’s primary scheduled for next week.

As word of Rick Santorum’s campaign cash dries up and chances at a Granite State victory are in doubt, pundits predict that Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will be battling it out in New Hampshire for the title of victor during and after Saturday’s debate. As the people weigh of the state weigh the pros and cons of the candidates for the last few days before they are left to decide, however, the media in New Hampshire is already offering up their endorsements.

Paul, considered an underdog at first but has only surged leading up to the Iowa caucus, has garnered the endorsement of three key publications in the state of New Hampshire.

Current polling suggests that it will be a tough battle between Romney and Paul, with either candidate coming in as the only of the contenders able to pull support in the double-digits, percentage wise. With Santorum’s chances slimming on the East Coast away from where his Christian ideals pulled favoritism from fundamental conservatives in Iowa, Paul’s progressive take on politics coupled with a continuing surge and now the support of the media could propel him to take the lead over Romney this weekend.

The Littleton Courier, Berlin Reporter, and Coos County Democrat all announced today their endorsements for Ron Paul as the Republican Presidential candidate in the week between the Iowa and New Hampshire events.

Salmon Press, the parent company that oversees the papers, writes that Ron Paul offers a refreshing option that opposes the ideals of Romney and Barack Obama and serves as a viable contender in the race to the White House.

“Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has been in the lead for months,” say the editors, “but voters still seem desperate for an alternative — there’s always another candidate pulling stronger or almost as strong numbers in the polls. Voters have lost faith in Obama, but they are not sold on Romney to replace him.”

On the contrary, reads the papers, Congressman Ron Paul “has never voted to raise a tax and voted against all of the bailouts that have riled up Tea Partiers and Occupy Wall Streeters alike.” The papers go on to praise Paul, and note that “His prediction that the United States can no longer afford the economic cost of our overseas commitments makes many Republicans uncomfortable, possibly by the very truth of the assertion.” In his defense, however, they point out that, “For decades he has been that rare sort of politician who speaks what he believes to be the truth and doesn’t flutter in the wind of public opinion. That could not be said of Obama or Romney.

“Powerful leaders like Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan change the political landscape,” the editors conclude. “This is what Ron Paul would do for our country and why we support him.”

Paul, Romney and Santorum battled it out in the top-tier during the Iowa caucus on Tuesday, with the Pennsylvania senator taking place behind Romney by only eight votes.