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24 Aug, 2009 06:10

“In the name of fighting terrorism you don’t become a terrorist”

As a CIA report is expected to reveal details of interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay, RT spoke to Moazzam Begg who spent two years at the camp and was released without charges ever being brought against him.

Before been sent to Guantanamo, Begg spent a year in several U.S. detention facilities in Afghanistan. He says that “the U.S. military machine was capable of detaining people to neutralize them that was the term they used, ‘you are neutralized, we know that you have not committed a crime but you fit a profile and that profile enables us to carry out this neutralization.”

“British intelligence also questioned me and said ‘there is nothing we can do to help you’ and ‘you need to co-operate with the U.S.” he added.

While in Guantanamo prison he was interrogated over 300 times and most of the question asked concerned the UK, because as Begg puts it “I have never been to the US, the US came to me.”