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Mainstream Media loves Muslim Bogeyman

Americans have consistently been warned of an impending terrorist attack is on the horizon. In post nine-eleven America, critics say mainstream media has typecast Muslims as the fearful bogeyman.
From Cold War era movies like Rocky IV, to today’s terror obsessed mainstream news coverage, there’s always some defacto threat America is striving to defeat. “The enemy is a key formula. The Muslim so-called violent incidents are part of a narrative,” says Media Analyst, Danny Schechter. But how much do you know about the 20 year old arrested for carrying a pipe bomb in his backpack for two years? How about the California man the FBI says harbored so many bombs his home was dubbed a bomb factory? Both suspects were arrested last month, apparently in the shadow of mainstream news coverage. Coverage which makes time for non-stop analysis about impending attacks and homegrown terrorism, as long as the alleged perpetrators are Muslim.Alicia Mcwilliam Mccollum lost faith in her country’s fair press this year, after she says her nephew, David Williams, was convicted in the court of public opinion. Alicia McWilliam McCollum, claims nephew was entrapped by FBI, New York.“The media? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s funny. The media is not being real correspondents today or real journalist,” said McWilliams-McCollum.David, a Newburgh four suspect, was found guilty of plotting terrorist attacks.A plot the FBI admits was fake and orchestrated by a government paid informant. “People have told me, reporters had said, this is really sad. Why don’t they find real terrorist,” said McWilliams-McCollum. According to FOX news face, Glenn Beck, they shouldn’t be hard to find. “What is the number of Islamic terrorists? One percent? I think it’s closer to ten percent,” said Beck, during his radio broadcast.So according to Mr. Beck, a cable news personality, that equals 157-million Muslim terrorist.While beck calculates fabricated statistics, he neglects to mention the non-Muslim terrorist here at home.Such as the North Carolina brothers arrested in March for possessing material to make bio-chemicals weapons. Or how about neo-Nazi James Cummings, who in 2009, possessed radioactive and radiological material for a dirty bomb? Cummings belonged to the national socialist movement and was reportedly upset over Barack Obama’s presidential victory. “I think there’s definitely a double standard. There’s certainly a lot of terrorism in the United States that is not in any way Islamic in origin,” said Sarah Seltzer, Associate Editor of Alternet. Case in point, a national warning from the FBI earlier this year.The agency said right-wing extremists, white nationalist, and anti-government militias were organizing violent campaigns against elected officials and law enforcement. “What happens when an abortion clinic is bombed? They’re rarely called terrorism even though they fit the description of terrorism, which is violence to deter people from behavior,” said Sarah Seltzer, Associate Editor of Alternet. Maybe the behavior between cable news competitors sums up the story about these story tellers.MSNBC’S new ad campaign brands the company as “leaning forward,” while FOX’s counter ad campaign brands the conservative channel as “moving forward.” CNN, could have stayed away from the brand bickering, but instead, unveiled its own campaign promising to “move truth forward.”