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LowKey: Egyptian protesters reject US backed status quo

Have America and the UK been subjecting the Middle East to oppressive policies for years? Is the uprising in Egypt merely the people working to reclaim their dignity and independence?
“It is also a report against US imperialism and a revolt against US neocolonial interests in the region as a whole,” he said. “It is also a revolt against Israel’s wishes to keep the people of Egypt subservient. Subservience to Israel is being rejected as we speak.”Through the thirty plus years of Mubarak’s rule the people suffered under a reign heavily influenced by the US, including US military backing.“These democracy activists have had bullets from American guns shot into them by Egyptian torturers and Egyptian security forces who were trained by the United States and fully backed by the United States,” LowKey remarked. “These democracy activists, as we speak that are in Liberation Square, are having their pictures taken by the State Security and State Television and by media all over the world and those activists are being targeted. They are being targeted with the full support of the United States. What the United States is trying to do at this stage is maintain the status quo, but change the face. They want a more acceptable face to the exact same status quo and the people are rejecting that status quo.” He explained it is important to recognize the will of the people, Mubarak and the status quo are not the will of the Egyptian people. They want change, they want a voice.“The will of the people is not subservience to Israel,” he added. “They are definitely revolting against that.” LowKey said, the status quo must change and the revolution will bring about an independent and dignified Egyptian state.