“Let’s bring troops home” – Iraq veteran.

The troop surge in Afghanistan is not justified and only creates additional problems in the country, says Iraq veteran and anti-war activist Adam Kokesh, adding the U.S. should respect the right to self-determination.

“What we need in Afghanistan is the same thing we need to do in Iraq and really around the world – that is start respecting the right to self-determination of the people and the sovereignty of other nations that should be sovereign,” Kokesh told RT.

“One of the justification of this troops surge in Afghanistan is that some of the British forces who are operating there were forced to rely too much on aerial strikes and that was causing too many civilian deaths. The answer to this is not “let’s put more troops on the ground and be more precise about who we are killing” -it’s let’s stop killing people, let’s stop making enemies, let’s bring the troops home,” he added.