Philly web spying scandal – tip of the iceberg?

A student in the US city of Philadelphia is suing his local school district for spying on him using his school-issued laptop. Radio Host Alex Jones told RT said that software is available for all kinds of abuse.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

In November, a Harriton High School assistant principal confronted 15-year-old Blake Robbins with a photo from the web camera, which allegedly showed the boy’s "improper behavior" at home.

Authorities insist that the web cameras are used on school laptops as a security feature and are activated only in case they are lost or stolen.

Radio host Alex Jones thinks that this case may have deep roots.

“Three years ago I discovered the federal government, through grants, is paying all over the US for public schools, even private schools, and is giving them taxpayer funded laptops enabled with this software and encouraging the schools to watch them [students] in the school and when they are at home,” he said.