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25 Jul, 2010 18:55

“I like Russian people” – Angelina Jolie at “Salt” premiere in Moscow

Another Russian-American spy story is unfolding - this time on the big screen. Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is in Moscow for the premiere of her latest movie “Salt.”

Jolie, who arrived in Moscow with her four children, walked on the red carpet of the Moscow’s Oktyabr cinema, where the premiere was held, posed for photographers and talked to her fans, Russia 24 TV channel reported.

The movie star told journalists that she likes Russia and Russian people, and when she went up on stage at the cinema, she greeted the audience with “Dobry vecher,” Russian for “good evening.”

Jolie told the media that she is for good relations between Russia and US. As for the latest spy scandal, she added, the presidents tackled it quite efficiently.

“I am somebody who is a little political,” said Jolie. “I love positive relationships between America and Russia, and all the good things.”

“I did not focus too much on the scandal,” she added. “Except I thought it was handled really well by our presidents and kind of very quickly.”

Prior to the visit Jolie agreed to several exclusive photo sessions for Russian photographers. She also plans to do some sightseeing while in the Russian capital, Russia 24 reported.

However, the star’s arrival in the Russian capital has already been marred by scandal. The management of the Ritz Carlton hotel, where Jolie is staying, had to fire one of its employees for attempting to take a photo of the star.

According to a prior agreement between the actress and the hotel, all video and photo shooting of the star has to be strictly prohibited, Interfax news agency reported.