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24 May, 2010 12:38

The US should force Israel into nuclear disarmament - peace activist

Israeli human rights and peace activist Gideon Spiro does not doubt the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons. However, according to Spiro, the US has the power to make Israel get rid of its nuclear arsenal.

“Israel is for all practical purposes the 51st state of the USA. If President Obama is serious about a nuclear free zone in the Middle East, then he has the means to force Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons. If it is only lip service, then things will continue as they are, the Middle East will enter the nuclear race. It’s only a question of time until everyone has nuclear weapons in this fragile area,” says Gideon Spiro.

The observer also believes that this is the work of peace activists to ensure that Israel is brought into the regime of nuclear disarmament.

“What Israel’s authorities are doing with Vanunu is shameful,” says Mr Spiro, referring to the case of former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu. The man, claiming his opposition to weapons of mass destruction, spent 18 years in prison for releasing the details of Israeli nuclear weapons program to British press in 1986.

“Vanunu did a great service to the human race. He deserves the Nobel peace prize and not prison in Israel,” adds the peace activist.