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26 Aug, 2009 09:05

Organ trade scandal: “Palestinians are compulsive liars”

“No one told me, not even Palestinian families, that the Israel army took organs from their sons. The army just returned sewed up bodies after autopsy and that raises questions,” says Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom.

His opponent Dr. Mordachai Kedar, who spent 25 years serving in Israeli military intelligence and is now a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, says that Donald Bostrom has fallen into a deep trap set for him by Palestinians, because he never checked whether the story is true.

“Those Palestinians are compulsive liars and we know this for many years… They are concocting many stories against us and they manipulate Western media and naïve journalists like Mr Bostrom.”

Kedar also added that “Mr Bostrom betrayed the profession of journalism. That’s what we feel here.”

“I spoke to dozens of families and do not believe there is a conspiracy to fool journalists,” retorted Bostrom.

“The fact is you killed those young men without taking them to court – we call it murder – then brought them away, made an autopsy against their mothers’ will, and you brought them back in the middle of the night. Whatever happened – you have been conducting a lot violations of international law to these men,” Bostrom pointed out.

"You were misled like many other western journalists and you do not speak Arabic to go and check their words,” answered Kedar.

“Do you mean those men were never killed and there was no autopsy?” questioned Bostrom.

Kedar categorically rejected this, saying “There is a possibility that they die of a car accident or from something else. They opened his chest, stitched it again and you believe that Israeli did it. There is no way you can check it.”

“I saw the guy and you did not, take a look at the pictures,” answered Bostrom.

“The Palewood [Palestinian Hollywood], the film industry of the Palestinians, sometimes use living persons to film “dead” people. Western media falls into this trap again and again,” responded Kedar.

“It is well documented that Israeli army violate international laws daily in many different ways, that was just one example,” accused Bostrom. “If I were you, I would take those twenty dozen family allegations very seriously – just because they are serious. I do not think they are liars. They just have the right to know the truth.”