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8 Oct, 2010 16:51

“European patience wearing thin with Washigton’s crying wolf”

European intelligence officials and senior Pakistani diplomats have accused the US of crying wolf when it issued a terror alert for Europe earlier this week.

According to a report in the Guardian, a UK newspaper, the alleged purpose of the alert was to justify the recent spike in drone attacks inside Pakistan and the presence of the American troops in Afghanistan.

This viewpoint is shared by historian F. William Engdahl, the author of the book Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order, who thinks that such warnings are fabricated in the Pentagon to gain support for the unpopular war.

“A better name of Al Qaeda would be Al Tricko, because, I think, this is something fabricated at the convenience whenever the US is having trouble revving other countries up for the far on terror, which is really a war for full spectrum dominance,” he said.

As most world terrorism is known to be state-sponsored terrorism, one should just ask, who would benefit from such warnings, at a moment when the Eropeans’ patience is wearing thin, Engdahl explained.

“It seems very convenient that just when Europe is expressing grave doubts about the NATO mission in Afghanistan, that these warnings come about these new attacks, and the only sources we have are the US intelligence interrogators.”

Engdahl was deeply critical of NATO’s military presence in Afghanistan, stating it has neither helped to make the world more secure, nor helped to make Afghanistan more stable; in fact, it has had the opposite effect.

“NATO is propping up a government, the Karzai government, which is the largest opium warlord on the planet, 93 percent of all the heroin, and that’s developed since the US occupation in 2001. So one has to ask, when the official US policy is no interdiction and destruction of opium fields in Afghanistan, which the Taliban actually did, what’s going on here? Is this another Vietnam, or is the CIA is running drugs to finance terrorism and spread the war in Laos and Cambodia? Is that what we are doing in Kyrgyzstan, at Manas air base?” he said.