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22 Jul, 2009 09:41

Domestic issues ruining Obama’s rating

According to a leading national poll, after six months in office, Barack Obama’s presidential approval rating is now lower than his predecessor George W. Bush at the same point in his White House tenure.

Barack Obama, a president who came in with the highest approval ratings since John F. Kennedy, in just half a year has seen a huge drop in public support from 68% to 55%. That is according to the results of a USA TODAY/Gallup poll. It is too early to say that Americans do not like Barack Obama anymore and that the honeymoon is completely over, but Obama-mania has subsided due to the critical mood of many observers.

When George W. Bush was coming into his second term in office he did not have the same hysteria surrounding him and did not have the same approval rating. Today, Obama’s rating is one percent below Bush’s level, but for the latter it did take much more time for it to fall.

Barack Obama has had many issues to deal with since coming into office, both domestic and international.

Current Obama ratings:

49% disapprove the handling of the economy
50% disapprove the handling of healthcare
52% say there is too much government power
59% say there is too much government spending

In this particular case, however, it is domestic politics that is the primary factor.

The economy is still the most important issue. Even after passing a huge stimulus package, and after promising to create jobs, the unemployment rate is still growing in the US and Americans are nervous.

During his campaign, Barack Obama made clear promises to pass a new healthcare law and now he is attempting to get Congress to pass the law before they go on recess in August, as Americans are firmly divided on the issue. Barack Obama is going to be holding a televised press conference on the issue on Wednesday, July 22.

So far, the White House has played down the poll’s results. They have labeled this “turbulence” and said that “it is predictable” given the situation. Americans fundamentally like Obama and think he is a good decisive leader. Even if the White House is not that confident, it is not going to show it, and say the president’s rating will go back up.

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