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Congressman Hastings sued for sexual assault

A staff member of the Helsinki Commission, an organization to promote democracy, security and human rights, has accused Rep. Alcee Hastings of repeated unwelcome sexual advances, touching and retaliation.
Both Hastings, a former co-chair of the commission and the commission itself are being sued for sexual harassment by a watchdog group taking the case to court on behalf of Winsome Packer. Hastings himself has a rather precarious past record, having been impeached for taking a bribe in exchange for handing down a lighter legal sentence while serving as a federal judge. He is no stranger to controversy and illegal ongoing. Chris Farrell, the director of investigations and research at Judicial Watch explained Hastings boasts a notorious record when it comes to his ethical actions. “He’s a remarkably arrogant character,” he said. He explained Hastings actions in regard to Packer were highly inappropriate. He repeatedly harassed and tormented again and again, despite being told no again and again, both by Packer and other members of the staff. “He was unrelenting and unapologetic,” Farrell added.Hastings explained however, “I have never sexually harassed anyone. In fact, I am insulted that these ludicrous allegations are being made against me. I will win this lawsuit.” Farrell said he looks forward to the case’s progression, as more information and facts are brought forward – including possible details on broader issues in his management of the commission and others.The complaints by Packer include allegations Hastings repeatedly asked to stay at Packers apartment and routinely asked her to reveal the kind of her underwear. “Really revolting,” remarked Farrell.The commission is set out to foster positive goals of human rights and cooperative principles. “The ironies and paradoxes here are manifold,” said Farrell. “Here’s this man who really seems to be the antithesis of that.”