Hillary Clinton impressed with Medvedev

In an interview to NBC TV channel, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is impressed by the performance of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

“Well, I kind of like President Medvedev myself,” she said. “I am very impressed with him and what he’s trying to do.”

Clinton added that although she does not pretend to understand how the balance of power in Russia actually works, she thinks that Dmitry Medvedev is “a modern man with a clear and compelling understanding of what he wants to see his country achieve.”

The US Secretary of State added that the United States and Russia have important projects of common interests, working on nuclear disarmament and many other issues.

“I think that [Russians] fully appreciate that we are not always going to agree, but that at least the Obama administration, and certainly the president and myself, are showing them the respect that they deserve to have and are looking for ways that we can work together,” she concluded.