Birthers relentless, claim Obama faked certificate

Birthers relentless, claim Obama faked certificate
Birthers demanded Obama release his ‘long-form’ birth certificate. He did. But, they are not satisfied. A group of birthers now claim the White House engaged in massive fraud to create a faked birth certificate.

The group now claimed the document “has layers” referencing terms from imaging software which they argue proves the document was scanned and edited.

They contend White House staffers scanned the document and edited it to make it show what the public wanted to see. The group believed that even with all the resources of the Obama administration used basic Adobe skills to edit the birth certificate.

The document does include layers, which merely proves it was scanned and enhanced. Not altered. Imaging experts have explained that it is likely that after scanning and transmissions of the image enhancements were made to ensure the image was readable.

Nevertheless, birtherism continues as activists seek new reasons to question Obama’s nationality.