CIA’s closet cleaned of skeletons

"You are going to have a hurricane coming through Washington that is aimed right at the intelligence community," said former CIA director Porter Goss, as more details emerged of the CIA's activities during the Bush era.

Officials say that the CIA ran a program in which they hired employees of a firm formerly known as Blackwater and trained them for the purposes of capturing and killing Al Qaeda operatives.

The CIA is not legally allowed to carry out assassinations. Allegedly this is something that the Bush administration tried to ignore and pawn off on the military contractors.

Wayne Madsen, an investigative journalist and RT contributor, claims that Blackwater targeted Muslims and Arabs under the orders of the CIA.

“We know they have been active in Iraq, they’ve also been active in Afghanistan,” Madsen told RT. “We now have some Blackwater employees coming forward and saying, ‘Yes, people were targeted indiscriminately.’”