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13 Aug, 2009 23:41

Dick Cheney to reveal White House drama

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney will publish a tell-all book about his time in office that many expect to be highly controversial. The goal is to save his reputation, suggests author and analyst James Joyner.

It's rumored Cheney might disclose some major White House policy disputes that occurred during turbulent relations between himself and former U.S. President George W Bush. Joyner, who is also known as the founder of the web blog, “Outside The Beltway”, says Cheney was not pleased that Bush wasn’t listening to his advice and changed his foreign policy, especially in the second term in office.

“I think Cheney is tired of being a sort of whipping boy for all this. In many circles Cheney is the guy that is blamed for all the bad things that happened during the Bush administration,” says Joyner.

Traditionally, former Vice Presidents and Presidents tend to go away for a while to let new people on the stage do their job. But Cheney hasn’t done this and the reason might be that he is trying to save his legacy, suggests Joyner.

“He thought, I think, that Obama was the main threat to his legacy and to the policy Cheney believed was good for the country and necessary for the security of the country,” Joyner said.

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