Scared burglar calls 911 for help after confronting gun-wielding victim

Scared burglar calls 911 for help after confronting gun-wielding victim
A suspected burglar called 911 after the homeowner whose house he allegedly broke into held him at gunpoint and demanded to know what he was doing in the house.

At around 12:30 a.m. in Springtown, Texas, 41-year-old Christopher Lance Moore broke into the house of James Gerow and his family in a suspected burglary attempt. The homeowner and his wife woke up to find an intruder enter and leave their bedroom.

Panicked, Gerow grabbed his pistol and followed the burglar outside. Moore left the home and sat in his GMC pickup truck, which was parked in the driveway of the house that he was trying to rob.

The homeowner followed the suspected burglar with his pistol and held Moore at gunpoint. He then took the man’s keys and gave the gun to his son to continue pointing at the burglar while he blocked the intruder’s truck with his own vehicle, Fox 4 News reports.

“If he gets out of the truck, shoot him in the legs,” Gerow recalled telling his son during an interview with the Dallas Morning News Crime Blog. “You ain’t gotta kill him; just shoot him in the legs.”

Gerow later told reporters that if the intruder had gotten out of the car, he would have shot him.

Meanwhile, Gerow’s wife, Lindy, called the police.

You better come quick, or my husband’s going to shoot him,” she said.

The police also received a call from the intruder, who said he was sitting inside his truck with a gun pointed at him. Moore expressed fear and tried to convince himself that the situation was not real. He remained on the phone with the operator for more than 10 minutes.

“I’m out in the country somewhere. Some guy’s got a gun on me. He’s going to come shoot me,” he said during the call. Asked to elaborate, he told the operator that “this dude in the red jacket” was planning on shooting him, according to audio files published by CBS News.

When police arrived at the scene, both the homeowner and the men were on the phone with the police. When Moore was questioned about why he broke into the home, he told authorities he simply had “bad intentions”.

Moore was arrested and charged with burglary of a habitation. His bail is set on $35,000.The man already has a criminal record that includes charges related to theft and drugs.