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23 Nov, 2009 14:43

British top brass say US generals in Iraq like 'Martians'

Top British commanders in Iraq claim talking to their American counterparts felt like talking to 'a group of Martians'. The Daily Telegraph reports, the allies didn’t have equal rights in so-called joint operation.

The war in Iraq was presented as a British-American operation but in reality it was nothing of this sort, claims reporter Andrew Gilligan, who broke the story, citing leaked government documents.

“It was a completely American show. The British had absolutely no influence at all,” Gilligan told RT.

Gilligan also revealed that during the early stages of preparing for the operations, the British spotted structural weakness in the US plan. There was no post-war plan.

“But they had no influence to change that and that led to a chaos when the war was over,” Gilligan said.

Andrew Gilligan also reported on serious blunders in the British operation, claiming it was ill-prepared. The reason was that it was rushed and kept secret, he said.

“The reason why it was rushed in Britain was that the British government didn’t feel able to be frank with the British people about what it was doing,” Gilligan said. ”But to plan properly you need to tell the people, you need to consult the experts, you need to order extra-equipment from the factories. They couldn’t do any of this because they kept the whole thing secret.”

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