“Colombia turning into giant US military base”

The US and Colombia have signed an agreement “that is basically converting Colombia into one giant US military base in South America,” attorney and writer Eva Golinger told RT.

She said the agreement was signed on October 30 and it “authorizes the US not only to occupy seven military bases in Colombia, but also to occupy any installation throughout the entire country.”

While Columbia insists its partnership with the US is aimed only at preventing drug trafficking and fighting against leftist gorilla groups, neighboring Venezuela fears that the deal goes beyond that. This week, President Hugo Chavez told the country's military to prepare for a possible confrontation with Colombia.

Golinger believes there is very clear evidence that the US-Colombian partnership is not at all what is described to be.

She cited two Air Force documents, one of them requesting “$46 million from the US Congress.” It has now been approved for the 2010 budget, she said. The document “talks about using one of the Colombian air bases in Palanquero for continental-wide US military operations.”

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