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1 May, 2012 10:09

"Occupy Bilderberg" - Alex Jones calls for thousands to protest upcoming meeting of global elite

In only a few weeks, every single room at the Westfield Marriott — a three-and-a-half star hotel in Chantilly, Virginia — will be booked solid. This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill Star Trek convention either.

Around 125 of the most powerful people on the planet are believed to be flying into suburban Virginia at the end of May to take part in the annual Bilderberg conference — a yearly series of meetings regularly attended by international royalty and others close to the top of governing bodies worldwide. Like years past, however, the actual events of next month’s Bilderberg meeting will be behind closed doors, lending to the world’s elite to make Earth-shattering decisions amongst themselves. Radio host Alex Jones says something needs to be done.“I’m calling to occupy Bilderberg,” Jones tells RT. His website, infowars.com, was the first to break news that the Westfield Marriott would be holding this year’s conference, and although the hotel’s management has been tight lipped on the topic, Jones reveals that it hosted the event four years earlier. Jones remembers very well — he was kicked out of the hotel during the event.“In the past, they really wanted to be secretive,” Jones says of the mysterious meetings. Now, however, he says that there cover is blown. With monumental decisions expected to be up for discussion, Jones used his recent sit-down with RT to call for a massive protests outside the Marriott.“I’m calling to occupy Bilderberg; to protest it. And I’m calling for tens of thousands to be there in one month.”Jones explains that although the Bilderberg agenda isn’t revealed, he has reason to believe that a few things in particular will be discussed, including an impeding war with Iran and “ways to censor the Internet.”“That’s been discussed in past years,” says Jones, recalling that the heads of Google and other Silicon Valley entities have been invited to past conferences.That, says Jones, is just a sampling of what else he expects to be discussed. Other items, he speculates, involve the upcoming presidential race. “Should the elite get behind Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?” is a question Jones predicts to be among those discussed. “Both men are bought and paid for by the same financial interests, and so the discussion will be which candidate can basically con the American people to lay down the tyranny for another four years.”Jones adds that, only four years earlier, Bilderberg was the locale where America’s elite decided to back President Obama as the Democratic nominee.“For an entire day, the media in Virginia and in DC saying, ‘Where’s Obama? Where’s Obama?’ And we were there saying he’s inside, the secret service is there,” he recalls. Also on the agenda, says Jones, will be decisions directly regarding the future of the global economy. “How to sell the public on more banker bailouts,” is a topic he thinks will be discussed. “That is more taxpayer moneys paid to the private banks that have hijacked our country.”Bilderberg, he says, “Has always been pushing for one world, global fascist government.” Even though the media has started to follow the meeting, he says that doesn’t change that little will be revealed to outsiders as transparency is all but absent. Despite this, however, Jones still insists that this year’s event will be “One of the most important globalist meetings ever.”“Policy is being set there and this is one of the most elite meetings out there.” The Chantilly, VA Marriott is booked to capacity from May 31 to June 3.