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20 May, 2010 06:39

Libertarian: people exasperated by intrusive government

People want something to be changed, not just the two major party political system that brought America to where it is, shared former US congressman and libertarian Bob Barr, who ran for President in the 2008 election.

“The Tea Party movement itself is not a political party. The danger for the Tea Party movement is if it becomes co-opted by a political party, primarily by the Republican Party," warns the civil libertarian. “If it does – it is not going to amount to very much.”

In Bob Barr’s opinion, only if the Tea Party movement spawns will it bring benefits to third parties like his own Libertarian Party.

He said that Rand Paul’s popularity bases on the fact that people are now looking for a real alternative to The Republicans and the Democrats and called for a more open political system in the US.

Once supporting the Patriot Act, Bob Barr said he never suspected it would be narrowly employed and would not be expanded and used for non-terrorism cases – but this is exactly what the current administration does, using the Patriot Act for all sorts of cases that have nothing to do with terrorism so the privacy of Americans is violated without even a direct reasonable suspicion.

“The credibility of your juridical system and your respect for the rule of law, whether domestic or on the international arena, depends on how your government operates,” Bob Barr said. He believes that if you treat other people differently, “you undermine the respect for our system of laws and you also invite other nations to do the same thing in reverse against our citizens.”