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19 Feb, 2009 06:03

Americans divided over Afghanistan troop surge

The top US commander in Afghanistan predicts it will be a tough year for American troops in the country. He says allied forces have reached stalemate, but hopes the reinforcements will help win the war.

However, back in the US people say there's already been enough blood.

President Obama could be risking it all. He's sending 17,000 more troops into a war that's lasted eight years with no end in sight. And as the Pentagon has failed to come up with a strategy for success, many experts see this as a major concern.

“They haven't said where they're sending the troops, and have no strategy, this is worrisome,” said Gilles Dorronsoro from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Now Barack Obama is being attacked by the very people that got him elected.

A new campaign has been unveiled called ‘Get Afghanistan Right’. Academics who vehemently oppose the troop surge have already signed up.

But do they speak for the nation?

“I completely support it, the ones over there are courageous and they are what make America great,” said one passer-by near the White House.

“There's already been enough killing, we need to just stay here,” said another.

Even those who said they support the troop surge have their reservations.

“I do support it, but I don't think I need to show my patriotism by serving,” said one supporter.

“I respect those who fight, but not me personally. Some of us have to be here and fight the war at home,” another said.

“I'm not a coward. If I were defending my own country I would, but I don't see this as defending my own country,” added another.