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Alien contact: Bird deaths due to CIA, UN targeting human life

Given recent bizarre cases or birds and other animals dying in mass all over the world, many theories have been formed, from polar shifts to poisons.
Colleen Thomas, a former homemaker and now Pleiadian alien expert explained the deaths are due to toxic chemicals that are coating the Earth. “They are being sprayed daily from these large body planes,” she explained. According to her, the chemical is Phosgene which was apparently stolen from Iraq and is now being used by secret undercover CIA operatives under the auspice of the Evergreen International Aviation Company. “When John Waller III was found murdered for confronting the administration about Phosgene, that we stole from Iraq, and that are using it all over the place, they murdered him because he was demanding they either stop or he was going to Putin to tell him that we did not destroy that stockpile as we promised we would,” she said. “When I heard about that I put two and two together.”Many on the planet claim the bird and animal deaths are an omen of death to come, death to the world entirely in as early as May. “We are under attack, but we know who is attacking us,” she said. “We are under a global attack, it’s serious.” The US government, via the CIA, is the culprit, she said. The information is being cleaned and wiped out by the New World Order, and the media is not reporting the story because they are apart to the New World Order.In addition, Thomas said she has been made aware the UN is attacking life on planet Earth. Phosgene is not the only weapon. The UN and world leaders have been using chemical, biological, and microwave weapons in an attempt to scale back human population. “Human beings are really the target,” she said. Thomas’ advice is to wear a gas mark or relocate to areas not being targeted.