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4 Nov, 2021 09:55

Tim Pool grateful to fellow podcaster Joe Rogan after beating Covid-19 with ‘kitchen sink’ of drugs

Tim Pool grateful to fellow podcaster Joe Rogan after beating Covid-19 with ‘kitchen sink’ of drugs

Political commenter Tim Pool had a "most excruciatingly painful experience" with Covid-19, he said. After an online absence, he also said he's recovering with a regimen of prescription drugs and, reluctantly, is taking ivermectin.

Pool, who is usually relentless in dishing out new videos daily, went dark last week, sparking speculation about him possibly being ill. On Wednesday, he confirmed that his production company had an outbreak of Covid-19, with him getting the worst case among those affected. The 35-year-old is unvaccinated and insists that his age and health condition makes the risk-benefit balance tilt against getting the jab.

In a video explanation, Pool said fellow unvaccinated podcaster Joe Rogan, who had his own bout with Covid-19 earlier this year, had convinced him to take his fast-developing symptoms seriously. He turned to a private clinic, which prescribed him "what one would refer to as 'the kitchen sink'" of therapeutics.

The specific remedy that Pool believes saved him from hospitalization is monoclonal antibodies. His health improved rapidly after he took the drug, but his doctor insisted that he go through the entire "kitchen sink" treatment prescribed, including ivermectin. The latter is an anti-parasitic drug that was not approved by the FDA for treatment of Covid-19 but which many people, in particular right-leaning persons, believe to be effective.

According to Pool, he didn't want to take ivermectin, partially because he expected mainstream media to report it as him ingesting "horse dewormer.” The drug can be used for treating animals in larger doses.

Rogan's treatment regimen had likewise included monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin, with outlets like CNN jumping on the latter in covering his Covid-19 case, in a way that, the podcaster says, was deceitful and slanderous.

Pool said he was looking forward to "the media lying about me and my prescriptions" the way they had about Rogan and his regimen. He expressed frustration about a political climate in which people like him have to tiptoe around a drug that a doctor had prescribed, because of the threat of backlash, possibly even censorship by Big Tech.

YouTube can ban me for telling you. It's absolutely insane.

If Daily Beast's coverage of the matter is any indicator, Pool is facing an avalanche of criticism. The news website focused on a social event that the podcaster's team held for subscribers one Saturday two weeks ago. The outlet goes into great detail about how Pool and his people used the event to reiterate their opposition to vaccine mandates, lockdowns and other policies favored by Democratic politicians. The commenter believes these measures lead to increasing authoritarianism in Western countries.

Daily Beast implied that the Pool party could have been a super-spreader event. Pool said the first person in the company to get sick hadn't attended the affair, so it was irrelevant.

Pool's attitude to Covid-19 policies was reinforced by his illness, he said. His own experience handling the outbreak was marred by significant confusion, with four negative tests initially leading him to believe that the infection among his office staff was something less dangerous. One person from his company who got infected was vaccinated and experienced a breakthrough case, he said.

"I think the mandates just won't do anything, if people are gonna get sick and bring it. It happens," he explained.

He praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for offering the expensive monoclonal antibodies treatment to working-class people in his state. He also expressed much gratitude to Rogan for supporting him with sound (non-medical, Pool stressed) advice and even offering to "take care" of Pool – meaning to pay his medical bill, he told Daily Beast.

"You know, the media likes to ignore me, and hopefully they'll continue to do so," Pool commented.

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